B.D. Riehl has been writing stories since third grade when she penned her first short story, Bug Teeth. Since then her writing has expanded to essays in college that were used by her professor to teach his English students proper “reflection” techniques. She has written articles for a local magazine and her small town newspaper. For years she has written short stories and scattered chapters and kept them between herself and the Lord.

In November of 2012, B.D. Riehl felt called to write a book to raise awareness for Destiny Rescue, an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking. The Earth is Full was released in September 2013 to 5 star reviews.

When not writing, B.D. Riehl enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters listening to music and reading books together. Her oldest is an artist and Riehl can’t wait for the day they can write and illustrate children’s books together.

Riehl is committed to writing fiction that glorifies the Lord and points others to Christ. She shares family updates, embarrassing stories, and theological speculations on her blog and updates her Facebook page often with the challenges and joys of writing while doing her best to raise her children and care for her husband.


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