Would That Have Been Weird?

I almost hugged the woman at the retirement office today.

The one that Mr. Riehl talked to earlier this week.

The one that told us news we’ve waited to hear for eight months.

The one that listened the times he’s called during the medical retirement application process.

The one that treated us like the young, worried parents that we are…parents that weren’t sure what their future looked like…or how we were going to raise our kids…she saw that . She was the one that talked to us on that level instead of treating us like a case number.

I almost hugged this woman when she asked the receptionist how many kids we had with us and then made sure to have chairs for all of us in her tiny office.

When she gave my girls Troll dolls to play with…and then let them keep them when we left.

When she groaned with us about the short and long term disability imperfections.

When she told us, “You start getting paid next month. I’m pushing this through as soon as you leave to make sure.” Her smile was as big as ours.

That one. That wonderful woman that treated us with kindness. The wonderful woman that gave us news that made me nearly collapse with relief.

It’s been a long year.

And it’s almost like her joy erased it all. She nodded with complete understanding when I made sure to share that the Lord has provided for us this year. In big ways. She understood.

She got it.

She got us. And I regret that I didn’t hug her.

Is that weird?


Bethany Riehl is the relieved wife to a retired police officer. By God’s grace, she is able to spend a great deal of time writing books that tell of his wondrous love. She is the author of Trending, released in May and Available here.

She is also the author of The Earth is Full and The Heavens are Telling, both published under B.D. Riehl and available here.

Her latest novel , Even If, will be released in the fall of 2017.


4 thoughts on “Would That Have Been Weird?

  1. I love that you wanted to hug her! And I bet she’d love the hug and this post just as much!!! Maybe she will need to hear this story the day you go back and give her that hug and tell her this very story. I say- read her the post!!! It’s such a humbling blessing to hear how you’re impacting others when you’re just living out your convictions and doing the right thing. Thanks for the happy story! ❤️

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