So. That Happened…

As my blog and I have become reacquainted, I discovered some posts that I started but never finished. This one written a few years ago felt worthy to be shared 😉

I have a new embarrassing moment to share with you from the Marriage Conference my husband and I attended in February .
To begin, we’ve been to the marriage conference before. One aspect I really enjoy is that your assignment for the Saturday night is to go on a date and stay in the hotel. And usually the evening activities are fairly predictable. Especially since they have a “Marriage After Dark” session right before the date.
Can I just say that I find it suuuper awkward to face your friends from church the next morning. Everyone is eyeballing each other knowing how your night might have gone?
Kinda the same awkwardness I felt driving away from our wedding reception. Everyone waving goodbye to the happy couple with that creepy knowing smile. My husband decided to embrace my embarrassment and blasted “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye on the radio for everyone to hear with a proud wink and tires screeching.
On the Saturday morning of the conference (hours before THE DATE) we had a forty-five minute break. My back had been bothering me and sitting was incredibly painful. I had figured out that if I laid flat on my back for awhile, it helped to “reset the pain” so to speak and I could handle sitting for a while longer. We were not yet able to check into our hotel, so Mr. suggested that he fold up the seats in the truck we had borrowed so that I could lie in the back of the cab. It was perfect.
Until the break was over and it was time to go inside.
When Mr. and I crawled out of the back of the truck, my hair quite mussed in the back, it was to the shocked faces of a couple that had spent the break in the front seat of their car parked right next to us.
I can imagine what they were thinking a we emerged from the backseat of a truck with tinted windows at a marriage conference.
She looked horrified, and he…well, I feel like he high fived my husband with his eyes.
Mr. smirked and I hobbled my bad back and red face into the lecture hall.
Now that I’m home and feeling feisty I wish I would have thought to whisper to her, “Well, that certainly took the pressure off date night. Wink, wink.”

Bethany Riehl is the author of three novels:

The Earth is Full and The Heavens are Telling are published under B.D. Riehl and available here.

Her latest novel, Trending, was released last month and is available for purchase, here.



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