Thank You

Years ago (five to be exact) I was just a stuck-at-home Mommy blogger. When I say stuck-at-home, I mean it. Mr. and I shared a car and he usually had it. When I say Mommy blogger, I mean I typed long and unnecessary posts about motherhood and life and my feelings for five very sweet friends and strangers to read. Sometimes I miss the crazy chaotic and yet incredibly simplistic time of life that that was. Just me and my babies at home. I was tired, I was usually covered in boogers or spit-up, but there was a special youth to everything that made life joyful even in the mess.

I love our life now, it’s just different.

But that’s not what this is about. This is about a blog post I found from that time in my life.

I was so lonely out here in my small town without a car. I got it in my mind that everything would be right in the world if only I had a neighbor just two doors down.

Three years later, my hope and prayer was answered in a favorable way and my lovely neighbor-friend moved in across the street.

She and her family added two members (another baby and her mom) in the two years they’ve lived here and they very quickly outgrew their home. Last month they put their house on the market and today they are moving away. I am so, so happy for them to have the space they need and to be able to move to their dream home. But, I’m going to be honest: I’m a little weepy today.

I don’t want to pout. I want to be thankful for the years they’ve lived here. So.

Thank you, neighbor-friend:

For the shy playdates with our girls that began our friendship.

For sharing food and recipes back and forth.

For becoming the kind of neighbor that I could share leftover cake with so that I wouldn’t eat it all. And cookies. And scones.

Thank you for confiding in me your first whisper of hope that you were pregnant with baby number 3.

Thank you for sharing your grief with me when you lost your father-in-law.

Thank you for letting me confide my own secret grief to you.

Thank you for the fancy meals and desserts…and for not making fun of my sloppy, much less fancy cooking.

Thank you for all of the “Do you need anything from the store?” offers.

Thank you for saving me from many trips into town for just one ingredient.

Thank you for the summers of fresh egg deliveries from your aunt’s chickens.

Thank you for the friendly waves and hellos from your garage while we each piled our kiddos into their seats (we always seemed to leave and come home at the same time)

Thank you for coffee in the afternoons while our kids napped.

Thank you for reading that rough draft of The Earth is Full. And for finding some big errors in The Heavens Are Telling before it was published.

Thank you for some amazing exotic dinners – Little Miss still eats rice with her hand that way you taught us.

Thank you for all of your funny stories.

Thank you for causing a scene at the neighborhood garage sale. I miss pregnant neighbor-friend and her fury 😉

Thank you for homeschool recess. We really loved that.

Thank you for the BBQs and movie nights and late nights on my front porch with tea.

Thank you for loving my kiddos. Thank you for letting me love and cuddle yours.

Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for being my neighbor for the last two years. I will always be so grateful. You were everything that I hoped for in this long ago blog post and more.

Now please excuse me while I chain myself to the front of your moving truck.

B.D. Riehl is the author of The Earth is Full (available for free this weekend-click here to request your copy)


and The Heavens Are Telling, both available here.



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