Not Popular

“We need to start praying.”

Deb and I had just had one of our first editorial meetings for The Heavens Are Telling and I was making my way toward the door. I adore my editor and appreciate that I can meet with her face to face as we hash out ideas and re-work lines. We pray together before each meeting and we discuss whether the book is aligned with God’s Word. I am not a Bible scholar and have not had seminary training. But I do study the Word of God and my only desire in writing is to honor Him. To know Him better and to make Him known.

Deb’s statement as I readied to leave her house got my attention. I don’t remember her exact words, but I do remember the gist: There are strong themes in this story. The enemy will not like this book. A lot of people will not like this book because of what it implies.

I have been careful to represent God’s heart as best as I can.

But God’s heart–whether we like to admit it or not–is not popular.

One of my favorite Corrie Ten Boom stories is from her life after WWII. She traveled the world telling people about God and the miracles He worked in her life and many others’ lives. In one meeting, she had shared the gospel and someone in the crowd approached her afterward to say, “I am sorry to have to disagree with your talk this afternoon, but you put too much emphasis on Jesus Christ and do not allow that other religions are just as good as Christianity.”

Corrie’s response to the woman was simply this: “Your argument is not with me, but with the Bible. It is not I who say these things, it is the Word of God. Jesus said that no man can come to the Father but by Him (John 14:6). If you wish to dispute someone, dispute Him.” (Tramp for the Lord)

I want to be very careful to never say, ‘Thus saith the Lord!” if the Lord didn’t say it.

One thing that He is very clear about: Every Life Matters. Children are a reward from Him.

Abortion is wrong. On every level and in every way.

I also believe that ripping a woman apart who has had an abortion is wrong, so please do not misunderstand me: this is not a shame blog. My book is not intended to shame anyone, but instead to encourage. To share the hope of the Lord in a way that hopefully touches the heart and ministers to the broken.

I write about a very delicate subject: should a woman that is subject to rape be encouraged to have an abortion? Can a woman find hope in the choice to give birth to a child that is a result of rape? I wonder how much healing can take place in the aftermath of such a violation if the focus can be turned to nurturing life instead of destroying it. How does scraping a woman’s body clean of her own baby help her to heal and move on?

In The Heavens Are Telling, I explore these thoughts. I wanted to seek out the Lord’s heart and do my best to represent His Word.

And this I know: Every Life Matters. From the strongest man to the frailest one, from the most productive woman to a developing baby cradled in her mother’s womb.

Every life matters.

It is scary for me to write such controversial things–I am not a confrontational person. At the same time my heart is aching that something so wonderful is so controversial: Life. Of all the things that we can fight about, this is the hill we want to die on? We want to fight for the right to murder our own? It doesn’t make any sense.

But sin rarely does.

That every life matters is something we should link arms on.

Life matters. That is straight from God’s heart. Throughout scripture He declared this. From the moment that He first formed man and woman with His hands, to the miraculous ways that He delivered the Israelites from slavery; from the protection of Daniel and others that bravely stood for truth, to the grace offered to those that sinfully went their own way and at last repented. From the humble birth of a foretold Savior, to His life of service and of bold, blatant truth spoken with authority, to His sacrificial death and to His triumphant resurrection. He did all of that because you, me, they, we — all matter. The gift of His Holy Spirit to the His followers then and now. The letters and truths shared among the first generation of believers and preserved for us today. All of this speaks that every life matters. You matter. That person you don’t like so well? They matter.

This is God’s heart.

And as Creator God, His heart should be utmost on our list of importance.

But it’s not.

It’s just not popular.


B.D. Riehl is the author of The Earth is Full and The Heavens Are Telling, both available here.

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One thought on “Not Popular

  1. Dear friend, as one who is also trying to speak the truth of God with an unequivocal yet gracious spirit, I am praying right now that the Lord will strengthen your own spirit. I am also praying that as people read your book and your blogs, His Spirit will speak to their hearts in ways that only He can. You write the words; He will make them effective. Keep up the courageous work.

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