Meet Zanna

You remember Zanna, don’t you? Lydia’s wild and crazy boss? I didn’t like her much when I met her in The Earth is Full. But I learned so much more about Zanna in The Heavens Are Telling. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this story. Here’s a teensy peek:

Zanna focused on her breathing.

She felt cold wet lips on her bare shoulder, her back. She breathed in slowly, imagined drawing her energy from every corner of her body and holding it in the center of her thoughts. She focused on keeping still, resisting the urge to flinch.

I’m asleep. Please believe I’m asleep.

The kisses stopped, but a clammy hand moved to caress her leg. Her stomach lurched in disgust. She focused the gathered energy into a pool. A tranquil pool, undisturbed. Just breathe.

How did I ever end up in bed with him?

Her headache and the foul taste in her mouth answered the question for her. She had drunk too much again, that’s how. How was it that one beer could so easily turn into five? Her stomach churned more and she realized if he didn’t get the hint soon, she would be sick all over his bed.

That would probably do it, she thought, biting the inside of her cheek to suppress a snort.

In and out, girl, just keep your breaths real slow and steady…”

 Excerpt from The Heavens Are Telling, available October 2014


Don’t forget to check out The Earth is Full, available for purchase here.




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