Meet Jakobi

Jakobi is a crucial character in the lives of Noah and his sister. I didn’t know much about her when I started writing The Heavens Are Telling, but she revealed her story to me bit by bit and I just love her. I hope you enjoy this little snippet of her story.

“Brad paused at the door, waiting for Jakobi to walk him out as she always had. She gathered a few plates from the table and ran her gaze down his form, making sure that he knew it was only an afterthought, and bid him good-bye before she walked into the kitchen.

Jakobi scraped leftovers into the trash while her mother whispered apologies and excuses to the man Jakobi had once planned to spend her life with.

The door closed and Jakobi snapped on the kitchen faucet, the hot water mixing with fiery tears and memories she’d rather forget.

“Jakobi! I do not understand what has gotten into you!” Jakobi turned to face her mother who stood, fists planted indignantly on her hips, in the doorway.

Jakobi shook her head. No, you wouldn’t. Aloud she said, “I’m sorry I hurt you, Mom. I’m sorry that you’re embarrassed.” She held her mother’s gaze for another moment, her tone bearing witness to her sincerity, her eyes assuring that she would not back down, before she returned to scrubbing the dishes. Jakobi felt her mother’s disappointment. She might have withered and given in if the memories weren’t pelting her. Wounds, long ago scarred over and calloused, protected her from the arrows of her mother’s guilt. How many times had they stood in that kitchen in the same way: Jakobi doing dishes, her mother disappointed in her…

One thing had changed over the years, however. Jakobi had a backbone. She understood her strength as a woman and could proudly stand firm in that. And if that became too difficult, there was always the promise of two years in Cambodia in just seven days.”

Excerpt from The Heavens Are Telling, available for purchase October 2014


Also look for The Earth is Full, available for purchase here.



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