The Earth is Full by B.D. Riehl currently has 41 four and five star reviews…

“It was so hard to put down…. From the minute I started reading it I was hooked.”

“This is truly one of the most inspired stories of spiritual warfare ever written. The characters in this book are beautifully flawed and seeking Christ in a way that the reader cannot help but relate to. This story gives testimony to the way God uses regular everyday people as mighty warriors in the fight for His Kingdom when they obey his calling.”

“The Earth Is Full opened my eyes to the horrific circumstances of sexually enslaved and exploited individuals, especially children. Until I read this book I had not allowed myself to think in detail about the lives they are forced to live. With sensitivity and restraint, B.D. Riehl has painted a poignant and vivid picture that I needed to see. The story is engaging; the characters are authentic. The sub-plots and themes are relevant and important as well: alienation and reconciliation; faith and doubt; brokenness and grace…”

“Extremely well written…B.D. Riehl has an outstanding grasp of the issues of sex trafficking yet packages the real issues into a book that is hard if not impossible to put down. Best ‘Christian’ fiction I’ve ever read…”

“My heart is pounding, I am awestruck. I am choking back tears. I was afraid to read it because I don’t handle difficult subject matter well, I read light Christian fiction for a reason. But I have to admit, B.D. Riehl is my new favorite author. Waiting anxiously for the next book!”

“I was completely enthralled by this book from the moment I began reading. The character development was spot on, and I found myself relating to many of them. B.D. Riehl has a magnificent gift for painting images with her words. She creates realistic and emotional story lines. I found myself laughing and crying with the characters on multiple occasions. I am so impressed with her ability to take such a tragic topic and weave the most beautiful storyline around it.”


A small taste of the reviews on Amazon. What will you say about The Earth is Full by B. D. Riehl?

On sale through June 7th for Kindle readers.


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