Revisiting – “Not Quite A Runner”

There was a time that I could run a 5K. I kept saying that it was “last year” until I realized it wasn’t. It was two years ago. A frightening reality considering it took me almost an hour to find some of my running gear a couple weeks ago. After the 5K I originally trained for, I was over the running thang.

I have never enjoyed running. That mile we had to run in P.E. when our bodies were chock-full of energy? I spent most of it walking “blowing out the candle” that was my finger to get the side cramps to subside. Anyone remember that trick? I was not made for running.

But, as I trained for that 5k and became aware of what my body could do with some discipline, I finally understood why people were so enamored with the activity. It just gets under your skin somehow. Anyway. After the 5K, I got busy doing other things and would sporadically run until I had lost the ability to go very far, and stopped altogether. When I realized that it’s been not one but two years since that time in my life, I decided to get back to it. I downloaded the Couch 2 10k program on my phone and I’ve been at it for a bit. That high I got before? Yeah…not quite there yet. This post that I wrote about running the first time around fits just as well this time:

I recently signed up with a friend to run my first 5k. Not a big deal, people do this every day, right? Of course right.

Except it is a big deal because I hate running! And I’m despicably of shape!

So I downloaded a Couch 2 5K program onto my phone and have successfully run 3 days a week for about 5 weeks.

After today’s 20 minute run, I realized I am not quite a runner. Yet. Not that crazy kind that actually craves a run. Not even close. How about you? Are you a runner? 


– Every time you prep for a fun, a shiver of excitement courses through your being. You can’t wait to run!

Not Quite a Runner:

– Every time you prep for a run, you wander around the house doing random chores to avoid the run: laundry, dishes, flossing the dog’s teeth…


– Ahhh…the open road! The air! The sky! The feel of pavement pounding beneath your feet! Bliss!

Not Quite a Runner:

– I-am-gonna-die-I-am-gonna-die-I-am-gonna-die-I-am-gonna-die-I-am-gonna-die


-Oh boo! 20 miles already? I guess I better turn back…Nah! Just 2 more miles!

Not Quite a Runner:

-How many more seconds?! (pull phone out of pocket to check timer on app) What! 10???! Are you KIDDING ME?!?!

Runners have thoughts like, “I am stong! I am capable! I RUN!”

Not Quite Runners have thoughts like, “My friend is right. It IS always the bodies of runners found in the woods! What am I thinking?”

And finally:

Runner to car: Poor person in car. Sitting on your kiester instead of letting your legs carry you to your destination! I wish you could feel as free as I do!

Not Quite a Runner to car: Hit me. Hit me please. Not hard enough to kill me. Just hard enough to make it so I can never run again!


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