Hello Monday


Hello to celebrating a wonderful couple this weekend. Hello being close to my beautiful editor and publishers. Hello to gratefulness: I am blessed to be part of an incredible company. Hello working together to glorify the Lord with our books.


Hello husband home for the day. Hello locking myself in our room to crank out as much as I can. Hello finally unlocking a few doors in tricky plot lines. Hello new characters. I am so glad to know you.


Hello 33. We’ve been together for a few days, and so far, I’m a fan.

Hello incredible sermon that I can’t stop thinking about. Hello thoughts and realizations that are awakening in my heart and soul. God’s Word is so full and rich!

Hello last piece of chocolate birthday cake.

Hello first week of the year and sore abs. Not so much a resolution, but…

Hello Sunshine; it’s been foggy around these parts.

Hello new officer in the house – Mr. is now a handler for a k9 and I have plenty of stories. I’m thinking of having a regular series titled, “Tuesdays with Dory”. She’s adorably nutso.

Hello friends, old and new. I love sharing this journey with you. Tell me about your day! Also, check out Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday post.


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