Book Give Away!

How do you feel about birthdays? Or your thirties (whether you’re in them, past them, or dreading them)?

Me? I was thrilled to turn thirty. Some amazing things happened in my twenties, but some really bad choices were made early in that particular decade and I was ready to step into a new one. And so far, I’m enjoying the 3-Os…

That being said, my birthday is this weekend and to celebrate my family and I will be at my publishers’ daughter’s wedding (did you follow that one?) and I am so excited. My girls have been on a countdown for the last week because it is their first wedding. They can’t wait to see the bride in her dress, to dance, and, of course, to eat cake. I can’t think of anywhere I would rather celebrate (ok, so maybe Hawaii or Rome would be close contenders). I have been so blessed with NCC Publishing, so incredibly grateful for the people that took a chance on me and made a dream of mine come true.

In celebration of the wedding and my birthday, we decided we want to give “The Earth is Full” away for FREE! Friday and Saturday only, you can download the book for free to your Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, but you do have a smartphone, you can download the free app for your phone and read from there.

Congratulations Megan and Jordan!

Happy reading everyone 🙂 Spread the love in honor of some pretty adorable newlyweds!



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