Worth the Jiggly Bits


As I’m getting familiar with this new site, and meeting new friends here (hello!) I thought I would periodically post thoughts from my other site. This is something I wrote soon after my third daughter, Boo, was born.

I read the most amazing little book last week. “Loving the Little Years.” I love book! So insightful and encouraging. I can’t say enough about it.

You have to read it.

You just have to.

One chapter I’m focusing on today is about “Me time” and a mother’s body. Wait, wait. It’s not what you think. I could never possibly express the encouragement the way she does (which is why you HAVE to read it!). Basically she says that our bodies, especially mom bodies, were made to be used up a bit.

They are a tool. Certainly we need to care for our bodies and maintain them, but never keep them in their original condition. Never tuck ourselves out of reach of our families for preservation. (my words, not hers)

I really took the tool metaphor to heart. Baby Boo was…shall we say, rough, on the ol’ body. When your uterus doubles in size in just a few weeks, then is gloriously empty again within minutes. Hmm. Well. Things sag. It’s a bit yucky. With Little Miss and Fo, I bounced back to my original size almost immediately. Boo is two and I’m still trying to find time to fit back into my old pants. Ok, fine. I just gave up on the old pants and bought bigger ones.

But every time I’m embarrassed or a bit bummed, I look at Boo and think, “Oh, sweet baby girl. You are worth every mark and blemish and droopy place. You are worth the jiggly bits.”

So are my other two. That has helped with some of my vanity.

But I’ve been pondering this tool business and taking it to heart in other areas. A hammer isn’t done being used once it’s completed one project. Nor am I done just because I’m finished birthin’ babies.

Being a mom is so much more than birthin’

Now I need to be a gardener. I need to nurture and nourish and tend to my little flowers.

Hard to do some days. Or every day.

Hard to make them breakfast the way they want, and be sure they get the right color bowl, and yes, I’ll get up and get you more, and sure you can have raisins and-oh my goodness-JUST LET ME DRINK MY COFFEE!!!

It’s hard!

I wonder if this is what Paul meant about dying to self? Giving up my wants for the sake of someone else? Easy to quote that verse with a smile at church. But at home when it’s just you and littles and no one would know if you hid in the closet for a minute…or 60? That’s when it’s tough.

You know those screwdrivers that let you change the head for different needs? I think that’s the kind of tool we need to aim to be. Easily adjustable. Available to the need and then readily available for a different one.

It’s definitely hard. But I think, dear friends, it will be well worth the effort. Perhaps if we are in the habit of using this body, this tool instead of preserving it; if we are more willing to let our husbands relax in the evening instead of handing him the baby and slipping into a hot bath (guilty!); if we ignore the desire for coffee and just sit with our littles at the table and soak up their mussed hair and sleepy eyes…

just maybe it will become effortless.

I have a goal to be up early on workdays and make my man some breakfast. (and be sure his unmentionables are dry. Wink, wink) Then exercise a bit, shower and spend blessed time in the Word.

That is worthy and necessary “me time”. Time spent in preparation to be available to my family. Because let me tell you – I’m a grump before my breakfast and shower! I’ve had this goal for a while and today I actually did it! And it was glorious.

I have been trying to avoid buying cereal and serve my family hot breakfast. The girls were getting a bit tired of oatmeal, so here is what we did this morning. Amazing. Yummy. Quick. I made the mix last night (took literally 5 minutes) and whipped up a batch this morning. The girls (and I) loved them and I felt a bit like super mom.


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